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    Refrigerator Temperature Guide

    Most, if not all, refrigerators are designed to keep food at the proper temperature to avoid deterioration. Food should be kept in a secure refrigerator at operating temperature to stop germs from growing and causing disease. This article will show you how to determine how the temperature of your refrigerator and how you can change it in each unit

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    What is a Refrigerant?

    To guarantee that your refrigerator functions as effectively and efficiently as needed, your air conditioning system is loaded with several elements, each as crucial as the other. Refrigerants are essential components in keeping your refrigerator running smoothly. With that said, refrigerant aids in creating the cold air that flows around your air

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    Five Signs Your Refrigerator Is Leaking Freon

    In today’s refrigerators, Freon remains a critical component. This substance is utilized for heat transmission to maintain your refrigerators inside compartment cold and keep your foodstuff at the right temperature. Although freon cooling is meant to be in some closed environment, a leakage might likely develop, compromising both the freshness of y

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    What To Do If A Fridge Is Not Cold Enough?

    One of the essential appliances in a home is the refrigerator. Food preservation is fundamentally dependent on its proper operation, as many products will spoil if the refrigeration process is not carried out correctly. As a result, it is critical to carry out primary care and maintenance actions. When a refrigerator fails, it can pose a significan

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    How to Find Home Appliance Repair Near Me?

    In today’s world, there are many things to do and many places to be. That is why it can sometimes seem impossible to find time for personal care, such as checking on your appliances. But if you own a home with major appliances like a refrigerator or stove, these items should never go ignored. If they start showing signs of wear and tear such

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    Why Is My Samsung Dishwasher Displaying The FE Error?

    There are several errors that can appear on digital displays on most newer Samsung dishwasher models. The error codes are from a computer inside the dishwasher that alerts you to an issue that needs attention. The error codes indicate a possible issue with the dishwasher similar to the way that the dashboard on your car has lights that blink or com

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    An appliance is not faulty when it just does not start when you turn it on. If you have a Frigidaire freezer that does not turn cold enough, it can either be a minor problem or have an issue that is more significant. The best way to approach this problem is to go step by step and look at all the possible causes before you go replacing any parts. Wh

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    Why Won’t The Detergent In A Dishwasher Dissolve?

    Has this happened to your dishwasher lately? You load the dishwasher with plates, glasses, cutlery, pots, and pans, put detergent in your dishwasher, close the door, and push start. But when the cycle is finished you find that the dishes in the machine are still dirty. After inspecting the dishwasher you discover that the detergent only dissolved p

  • GE Oven F3 Error – What does this mean?

    If you are the owner of a GE Oven one of the most frustrating things to deal with is an F3 error. Not only is it not listed as a problem in the user manual, what is even more frustrating is that it also stops all current oven operations from working which can happen when you are in the middle of preparing a meal. To save yourself time and money, he

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    Fridge Repair: How To Get Rid Of Bad Odour In Your Fridge

    A refrigerator is a home appliance that keeps food items fresh and safe for consumption. It does this by suppressing bacterial activity in the food item. It is not surprising that it is home to a variety of smells ranging from vegetables to leftovers. Efficient ways to get rid of bad odour in your fridge are those that suppress bacterial growth. Wi

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    6 Dryer Maintenance Tips You Should Practice

    Dryers are common home appliances. Arguably all Toronto homes have at least one dryer. If you belong to this category and you’re looking for dryer maintenance tips, then this is it. With our tips on how to maintain your dryer, we’ll explain ways to avoid unnecessary dryer issues. Also, these tips for dryer maintenance will help keep your device in

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    How to Fix a Washer Making Loud Noises

    One of the many standard household maintenance acts is to fix a washer making loud noises. No one wants to be in this situation, but there are times it’s just unavoidable. These appliances can pick up faults simply because you use them frequently. Thankfully, a noisy washer is nothing to worry so much about. However, you must take repair steps as s

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    Dryer Repair in Toronto: Why Is My Dryer Not Getting Hot?

    There are many reasons for your dryer not getting hot. Whatever the reason is, it is a very frustrating situation when it happens. You do not want to be caught in the middle of a faulty dryer when handling your laundry.  Not to worry, you will find the answers you need in this article. In it, we will explore all the possible reasons for you to have

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    Dishwasher Repair: Why The Spray Arms are Not Working.

    There is no doubt dishwasher has proved itself as a very essential appliance in the home. So, it is only understandable that when the appliance develops a fault, it can induce a panic state. Before you enter full-blown panic mode, we can point you in the right direction for the repair of your dishwasher spray arms.  The spray arms are absolutely vi

  • Why You Need Professional Appliance Repair Services (2)

    Why You Need Professional Appliance Repair Services

    Although we all value our home appliances, most people tend to ignore the need for professional appliance repair services. The ease that these devices bring to a home is second to none. instruments can “get tired” and break down. There are so many factors that can cause your device to malfunction. For example, if your refrigerator isn’t cooling, th

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    Refrigerator Repair: How to Clean Condenser Coils

    One of the best maintenance practices for your refrigerator is to keep clean condenser coils. The primary function of a refrigerator is to maintain a temperature below the ambient one. More so, the importance of a refrigerator in any household cannot be over-emphasized. That easily explains the frustration you feel when your refrigerator isn’

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    Why is My Dishwasher Stinky?

    The answer to the question why is my dishwasher stinky is one many people ask. Sometimes, finding a solution to a smelling dishwasher can be hard. This is the direct opposite of why we buy dishwashers. Essentially, we innovate machines to add convenience to our daily lives. For dishwashers, the purpose is to clean dishes and cutlery automatically.

  • Appliance Repair Tips for Sparks in Your Microwave

    Appliance Repair Tips for Sparks in Your Microwave

    You probably never imagine reading up tips to repair sparks in your microwave. But here you are, frantically searching for the cause of your microwave malfunction. Most likely, you cannot afford any such hold-ups for long. You need a quick fix.  Do not worry. In this article, we will explore the options of what to do when your microwave is sparking

  • 6 Microwave Maintenance Tips to Practice Regularly

    6 Microwave Maintenance Tips to Practice Regularly

    Most people never take microwave maintenance tips very seriously. For the most part, you stick your dinner in and take it out after a few moments. Next thing, you tune in to your favourite show, enjoying the last meal of the day. However, if you keep this up, your microwave will likely not serve you for long. The microwave is one of the easier to r

  • Here’s Why Your Dishwasher is Leaking

    Here’s Why Your Dishwasher is Leaking

    Are you wondering why your dishwasher is leaking? You have just finished that dinner party you’ve been planning for weeks. Naturally, there is a stack of dishes to be done. In situations like this, that puddle under your dishwasher may worry or even stump you. The dishwasher comes in handy every time. Therefore, it is best to keep it in the best co

  • 7 General tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

    7 General tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

    Refrigerators are common home appliances, and nearly all homes in Toronto possess at least one. If you belong to this category and you’re looking for refrigerator maintenance tips, then this is it. With our tips on how to maintain your refrigerator, we’ll explain explicitly ways to avoid unnecessary refrigerator issues. Also, these tips for refrige

  • Dryer Not Drying Clothes: What to Do

    Dryer Not Drying Clothes?: What to Do

    A dryer that is not drying clothes can instantly wreak havoc to your laundry routine. Before you know it, you may find yourself wearing the same shirt to work multiple times a week. Fortunately, we can show you how to repair a dryer that is not drying clothes. Clothes dryers have proven themselves to be an essential asset to the home. Let’s face it

  • Refrigerator Not Cooling: Appliance Repair Tips for an Easy Fix

    Refrigerator Not Cooling: Appliance Repair Tips for an Easy Fix

    A list of refrigerator repair tips for a fridge that’s not getting cold can be handy. Generally, waking up to realize your fridge is not cooling may be disturbing. In situations like this, the best action is to call for professional refrigerator repair. However, sometimes, a DIY fix can come in handy.  So, how do you diagnose and fix issues with a

  • Why is My Washer Not Draining?

    Why is My Washer Not Draining?

    Having to ask the question “why is my washer not draining?” can be a frustrating experience. When this happens, it can be upsetting, discouraging, and awkward. Generally, a washer not draining is one of the few frequent problems your device can develop. Furthermore, there is no one correct answer to this question. You see, there are several reasons

  • Why is my Refrigerator Making Loud Noises?

    It’s normal for a refrigerator to make some noise, it’s just the device doing its work. However, there are some noises coming from your refrigerator that are indicative of a bigger problem. These are the noises you need to listen for.  When your refrigerator starts making weird sounds, it means that there’s something wrong with it. For

  • Cost of Stove Repair in Toronto

    Cost of Stove Repair in Toronto

    Generally, the cost of stove repair in Toronto varies depending on the problem. Sometimes, stove repair prices can vary depending on the appliance type, i.e., Gas or Electric stove. However, it is essential to note that repairing your stove is one of the best ways to deal with malfunctions and faults. Like other home appliances, stoves contain diff

  • Dishwasher Repair: Why Your Dishwasher Is Making Loud Noises

    Dishwasher Repair: Why Your Dishwasher Is Making Loud Noises

    Trying to figure out why your dishwasher is making loud noises can be a very confusing prospect. While some dishwasher sounds are normal, others can mean that something has gone critically wrong. For instance, when it is working, if your dishwasher sounds more like a wild animal than an appliance, there may be a problem. In such a case, you need to

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    Cost of Dishwasher Repair in Toronto

    In recent times, the dishwater has become a very essential appliance in every home in Canada. This device has more value for you than simply being a machine to help you clean your dishes. It saves you several resources, including time, energy, and even money. According to research, using a dishwasher every day can save you up to a cumulative time o

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    How to Fix a Washer That Won’t Spin

    A washer is a popular household appliance in Canada. However, like any other device, sometimes, you may end up needing appliance repair services. If you have a washer that won’t spin, then this article is for you.  There are many reasons a washer won’t spin properly. Sometimes, it may be a simple connection issue. Perhaps your washer isn’t balanced

  • Appliance Repair in Toronto: Why Your Microwave Isn’t Getting Hot

    Appliance Repair in Toronto: Why Your Microwave Isn’t Getting Hot

    Trying to figure out why your microwave isn’t getting hot can be very difficult. This is especially true if you do not know what signs to look out for. These handy devices have become one of the most commonly used appliances in homes today. The vast array of functional advantages for both cooking and warming purposes make them a must-have. Sadly, n

  • Dishwasher Repair for Leaky Dishwashers


    Do you need dishwasher repair in Ontario and you don’t know how to go about it? Appliance repair services can become essential if you have a leaky dishwasher. A dishwasher is an essential household appliance. This means that when it leaks, it can throw a spanner into your daily routine. The very first solution for a leaky dishwasher is to cal

  • Repair a Microwave That is Not Getting Hot

    How to Repair a Microwave that Isn’t Getting Hot

    Professional appliance repair in Toronto should be your first point of call if you need to repair a microwave isn’t getting hot. It will take a long time before you need appliance repair services for your microwave. For the most part, microwaves have a long lifespan.  However, due to their regular usage, microwaves may start showing some certain fa

  • Refrigerator Repair or Fridge Repair

    Refrigerator Repair: What To Do If Your Fridge Won’t Turn On

    If your refrigerator is not coming on, the best thing to do is to hire a reputable appliance repair service to do a refrigerator repair. A significant percentage of homeowners in Toronto use fridges for various preservation and cooling purposes. No one buys a fridge with the intention of having to fix it. However, the simple truth is that your frid

  • Cost of Dryer Repair in Toronto

    What is The Cost of Dryer Repair in Toronto?

    The cost of dryer repair in Toronto depends mainly on the fault that is being addressed. Generally, dryer repair is an inexpensive option compared to buying a new dryer device. You don’t have to panic because your dryer is not working effectively. An appliance repair service in Toronto can get your dryer working again — at a price. For every

  • How Much Is The Cost of Microwave Repair In Toronto?

    How Much Is The Cost of Microwave Repair In Toronto?

    The cost of microwave repair in Toronto is an important concept many homeowners have to know. The reason for this is simple. Microwaves are pretty efficient devices. In fact, over 80% of homes in Toronto use a microwave to handle cooking and reheating of food on a daily basis. However, just like any other device, your microwave can break down. When

  • Cost of Washing Machine Repair in Canada

    Cost of Washing Machine Repair in Canada

    The cost of washing machine repair in Canada varies from one brand to another. It is also dependent on the faulty component. One essential home appliance used today is the washing machine. With it, you can get all of your clothes clean in a matter of minutes. Innovations such as shorter wash cycles, energy efficiency built-in faucets, electronic to

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    Cost of Appliance Repair in Toronto

    One of the many things you need to arm yourself with, in the case that one of your home appliances packs up, is information on how much the cost of appliance repair in Toronto is. More often than not, it is affordable to repair a house appliance that has broken down. The other alternative, which is a total replacement of the faulty appliance can qu