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Fridge Repair: How To Get Rid Of Bad Odour In Your Fridge

A refrigerator is a home appliance that keeps food items fresh and safe for consumption. It does this by suppressing bacterial activity in the food item. It is not surprising that it is home to a variety of smells ranging from vegetables to leftovers. Efficient ways to get rid of bad odour in your fridge are those that suppress bacterial growth.

With how efficient a fridge can be, food can still smell after a long period in the refrigerator. Even after covering dishes, the smell of different foods have a way of escaping. But the smell should be a pleasant one.

Persistent bad odour is a signal that your fridge needs a deep clean. In this article, we shall be discussing how to get rid of bad odour in your fridge. 

Why Is Your Refrigerator Stinky?

When you leave perishables in the fridge for a long time, the refrigerator begins to give out offensive smells. This smell is due to the activities of bacteria. Although, the refrigerator helps to delay food spoilage by inhibiting the activities of bacteria. Somehow, bacteria still manages to break down food with time. 

Other microbes such as yeast and mould also break down food items. The refrigerator now becomes a breeding ground for yeast, mould and other microbes. Hence, effective measures are necessary to reduce microbial growth. When you properly apply these measures, you can get rid of bad odour in your fridge.

First, your fridge must be at the correct temperature to prevent odour. That is, 35 degrees Celsius and 37 degrees Celsius. Do not forget to keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge. This will continuously absorb foul-smelling molecules. All these are tips to deodorize your fridge.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Odour In Your Fridge

There are cleaning procedures that will help you remove bad smells coming from your fridge. Also, we advise that you visit fridge repair services for the best results. Below are tips to repair your smelly fridge:

Unpack The Contents Of Your Fridge

This is the first step in removing bad smells from your refrigerator. Before you start emptying the contents of your fridge, you must unplug the refrigerator. 

For most refrigerators, you may have to flip the switch on the fuse box. For some, turn the temperature to its warmest. But ensure your fridge is not running while you clean.

Ensure you empty your fridge and place its contents in a suitable environment. The contents must be in an environment that will prevent it from spoiling. It can be in a cooler with ice or a kitchen sink. Doing this will grant you easy access to your fridge for thorough cleaning.

There is a secret compartment in most refrigerators that is hidden from most users. You can find it under your fridge. Depending on the model, you can access it from the front or the back. It is the drip pan.

The drip pan is just there to catch condensation coming from the defrost drain to the outside of the refrigerator. But, as you may imagine, this drip can accumulate to a pool of smelling water with time. Thus, a need to get rid of bad smells in your fridge.

Use An Odour Neutraliser For Deep Clean.

To completely deodorize your fridge, we do not advise that you use any random cleaner. Some cleaners do not remove the bad smell from your refrigerator. Instead, they mask the smell. Some cleaners affect the taste of your food. How then do you know the cleaner that suits your fridge best?

Baking soda is perfect for the complete removal of odour from your fridge. It acts as a surface where foul molecules stick to. Therefore, it is a good odour-absorbing cleaner that will not affect the smell of your food. 

Here are tips to deodorize your fridge: 

  • Carefully wipe out crumbs or spills with a wet cloth.
  • Put two to three tablespoons of soda in hot water. The hot water is to help dissolve the particles of baking soda.
  • Use a soft sponge, together with the dissolved baking soda on the drawers and shelves of your fridge. 
  • Wipe down the entire fridge with clean fresh water and a sponge. Then dry up with a rag. We also recommend that you use white vinegar for cleaning and bleach if necessary.

Dust Your Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is the part of the fridge that cools and condenses the refrigerant. You can find it at the back of the fridge or across the bottom depending on the model. When dust clogs these coils, they do not work efficiently. That is, they do not release heat properly and can give out burning smells.

Fortunately, cleaning the condenser coils is simple:

  • First, ensure you expose the condenser coils of your fridge. This is to gain easy access to them. Remove the grille in front if your coil is below the fridge. And, roll away the fridge from the wall if yours is behind the fridge.
  • With a clean brush, remove all food particles and dust from the condenser coil.
  • After cleaning, ensure you return the coils to their original position.

Deodorize Your Fridge

Using odour absorbers is a popular method of deodorizing refrigerators. Natural odour absorbers such as baking soda and fresh coffee, not only get rid of bad odour in your fridge. But, they also freshen your fridge. 

Regularly, put a box of baking soda in your fridge to trap bad smells. It prevents the complete invasion of bad smells into your fridge.

Also, using activated charcoal, also known as active carbon, is another way to deodorize your fridge. To remove future bad smells, we often advise that you store food in glass containers instead of plastic containers. Furthermore, ensure that you properly cover each container.

Get Rid Of Leftovers

You must do away with leftovers, especially foods that stick with ice.

  • First, ensure that the ice maker is off before cleaning. The ice maker is the part of your fridge that builds ice cubes in an ice tray.
  • Remove the ice bin and do away with old ice cubes.
  • With a rag and clean water, clean the ice bin intensely. Then dry with a dry rag.
  • Once you do this, ensure that you remove every blockage from the vents. This allows for the free flow of air. 

Set The Temperature To Reduce Food Spoilage

Bacteria are a kind of microbes that feed on organic matter for their existence. They have a suitable temperature at which they are most active. Thriving under this temperature, they decay perishables leaving your fridge smelly. 

Fortunately, bacteria are almost inactive at an ideal temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature restricts their activity and helps to keep your food in good shape.

To Sum It Up

A clean fridge is important for a healthy life. Getting rid of bad odour in your fridge may not be that difficult after all. Adhere to the steps in this article and completely get rid of bad odour in your fridge.

Do not forget to do away with leftovers in your fridge. As you know, toss any food item that may be breeding grounds for microbes.

Also, know the types of cleaners and when to use them. Bleach affects parts of your fridge. So, we advise that you only use bleach when the stains persist after cleaning.  

Sometimes, the steps you take to remove bad odour in your fridge may not be effective. In cases like this, you need an appliance repair professional to deodorize your fridge. Here at LEA Repair Inc, we offer first-class fridge repair services. Our professionals will get your fridge smelling great again. Contact us today.