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Same-Day Stove Repair Services

Stove repair services, when reliable, can help you avoid disappointments with your stove. Eating out can be an expensive prospect. It can also be an uncomfortable situation. For most people who own stoves, a faulty stove is an unwanted situation. This is why you need efficient experts to get you cooking again as soon as possible.

Without a working stove, your ability to cook is limited. LEA Appliance Repair understands that a faulty stove is a significant inconvenience. In the same vein, there are thousands of people who have this device as an integral part of their businesses. For people in this category, the need for stove repair can affect the smooth running of the business.

LEA Inc is proud to be your appliance repair company. We have a team of technicians that are expert in stove repair. Our skilled technicians can get your faulty stove up and running again as soon as possible. We focus on customer satisfaction and can work on all major brands.

Our professional and reliable service is as fast as it is convenient. Our appliance repair technicians carry out stove repair with complete care and full attention to detail. With years of experience delivering top-notch services to residents across the GTA, you can be sure of expertise, and the highest quality of service.

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Stove Repair & Replacement

Fixing needs can crop up at inconvenient times. Stoves, like most home appliances, can stop working without any warning at all. This is why you need a reliable service that can come out to you at any time of the day.

Here at LEA Inc, our services are 24/7, even on holidays. You don’t have to worry about microwaving a meal or eating out, just call us and a expert will be with you to get your stove repaired the same day.

In addition, our experts are licensed to remove Enbridge and Union Gas Suppliers’ red tags. No matter what the fault is, we can get your stove working the same day.

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Why Choose Us?

A working stove is an integral part of your daily life. Furthermore, there are hundreds of thousands of residents across the GTA that need a stove to ensure a source of income. Therefore, it is crucial that you have reliable services accessible to you as soon as you need them. We also can repair your dryer at your home.

LEA is the gold standard when it comes to appliance repair. Our years of experience and technical expertise mean that we can offer you:

100% Original Spare Parts

Your appliance repair needs may be simple. However, sometimes, stove repair may be an extensive task that requires replacement spare parts. Whatever the case may be, our highly trained appliance experts show up for house calls with various spare parts belonging to different brands.

We make sure that every stove job is completed with genuine and reliable spare parts. You can rest assured that your stove will be in excellent condition for a long time to come after our technicians visit you.

Certification and Guarantee

LEA Inc has the certification to carry out all kinds of jobs. Our appliance technicians have the training and the necessary certification required to fix your faulty stoves without contravening the rules. With us, you are assured of complete professionalism and efficient  services.


Are you worried about getting your stove fixed? Perhaps you are concerned about further damage to your stove during the repairs. Our appliance repair technicians will carry out fixes on your stove with caution and care. With our technical skills, experience and expertise, the chances of damage to your stove are meagre.

However, if damage occurs, our services are fully insured. You will be duly compensated if there is any staff negligence in the process of fixing your stove.

Zero Extra Charges

We understand that you may need appliance repair work done on weekends and even during the weekends. We are proud to be able to help you resolve these emergency appliance repair needs. In that light, our speedy, 24/7  services do not come at an extra charge.

We also make sure to work with complete transparency during the process of getting your faulty stoves up and running. As soon as our technicians diagnose the fault, we will give you an estimate of how much your stove repair will cost. Additionally, if there are any extra repairs in the process of repairing your stove, you will be notified immediately.

Speedy Stove Repair Services

Fixes at LEA Inc is done the same day you call us. No matter what time you contact us, we will get out to meet you as soon as possible. As much as possible, we complete all appliance repair jobs that same day. If there is a need to continue the next day, we will fix an appointment that is entirely convenient for your schedule.

Knowledgeable Appliance Repair Technicians

Our technicians are highly trained. Additionally, we keep our technicians up to date on the latest trends and skills. Therefore, we are adequately equipped to take care of all of your appliance repair needs regardless of how complicated or straightforward the fault may be. Call us today! Have another appliance? We fix home microwaves, dishwashers, fridges, dryers, and washing machines.

Types of stoves we Repair

Services at LEA Inc cut across the board. We have the expertise and on-the-job experience required to service and fix all types of stoves. We offer efficient, reliable service for:

  • Range stoves
  • Wall ovens
  • Cooktop stoves
  • Microwave ovens and many more

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Common Stove Issues

No matter how difficult and complicated your job may be, we can handle it. Over the years, we have resolved faults that cut across the board. Is your stove faulty? We can get it resolved while putting your safety and convenience first.

Some of some common stove issues that we tackle include:

Stove Temperature Regulation Issues

When using the stove, you must be in control of the temperature at all times. If your stone is not maintaining a particular temperature, you may end up overcooking or under-cooking your stove. It may be an issue with your burners or a mechanical fault. Whatever the case may be, our technicians have got you covered. Contact us today!

Bad Induction Elements

Faulty elements in your stove can affect the smooth and proper operation of your stove. However, with a simple call, our experts will be able to resolve this issue altogether.

Burners Not Heating Up

Sometimes, your stove burner may not be heating up properly. If this is the case, our services cover the speedy replacement of faulty burners. There are other reasons why your burner may not be heating up. It may be a defective switch or a poor burner socket connection. If this is the case, put off your stove and call in our repair experts immediately.

Stove Not Hot

If your stove is not hot at all, it may be that the burners have an issue. Your best bet is to test each burner to determine if they are working properly. The faulty component may also be the burner coils. Electrical problems such as power surges may also cause your stove to need appliance repair. Whatever the case may be, our trained stove repair experts can get the issue resolved quickly. Call us today.

Stove Not Turning On

Before requesting for services, your first port of call should be to check whether or not your stove is plugged in correctly. Your burners and a poor electrical connection may be the reason why your stove is not turning on. Call us. We will diagnose the fault and get your stove working speedily.

Other conventional stove issues we handle include:

  • Stove element not working properly
  • Stove too hot
  • Error code on the electronic panel
  • Stove not cooking evenly
  • Stove not turning off and many more.

No matter the fault your stove has, we have a solution for you. Call us, let us get your stove fixed today at affordable prices!

Stove Brands We Service

Our stove repair services cover the fixes of all models and types of stoves. Our appliance experts have the technical skills to fix all models of stoves, including: