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Appliance repair in Vaughan is more accessible than ever before with us. We are the leading provider of repair services in the GTA. This is possible because of the years of experience we have fixing different household machines. We understand what it takes to carry out efficient fixes in Vaughan.

Here at LEA Appliance Repair Vaughan, we understand the need to get your devices fixed urgently. Household appliances are mostly reliable. However, with time, they can develop faults without warning. You don’t have to wait around for a whole week before you can get your appliances fixed. Contact us, and we will send a team of experts to you on the same day.

Whether you own a dishwasher that is not drying your plates or you own a washer that is not completing spin cycles, we can troubleshoot your device and come up with a solution for you.

We also fix all popular name brands of household appliances. Popular brands that we fix include Samsung, LG, GE, Electrolux, Maytag, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and many more. Our technicians are highly skilled and versatile. Therefore, you can be assured of excellent services in Vaughan when you choose LEA Inc.

Why Choose LEA Appliance Repair Vaughan

Professionals perform our appliance fixes in Vaughan. Most household appliances don’t come cheap. Therefore, you have to make sure that they are handled only by experts. We offer you the services of our experienced technicians.

Our technicians are the best at troubleshooting, diagnosing your device and coming up with a long-term solution. Additionally, every one of our technicians is TSSA certified. Therefore, you can be assured of complete excellence when you choose LEA Appliance Repair Vaughan for your quality appliance repair services.

Our services in Vaughan are affordable. We believe that emergency repairs of your household devices shouldn’t leave you broke. As such, we offer competitive pricing and discounts where possible. In the same vein, our 24/7 availability comes without an extra charge. Every aspect of our service is optimized for your benefit and convenience. LEA Inc is the foremost provider of machine fixes in Vaughan. Our services are insured and come with a 100% guarantee. Located somewhere else in the GTA? We also service areas including Thornhill, Woodbridge, Newmarket, King City, Aurora, and more.

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Professional Appliance Repair Services in Vaughan

We cover all household appliances. Regardless of the model or make of your device, our technicians will fix it and get it working again. Our services include:

Refrigerator Repair in Vaughan

We fix all types of fridges, including built-in, wine coolers, portable fridges, deep freezers and many more. We know that refrigerators are vital devices. If you manage a restaurant, then you know that the importance of a fridge cannot be overemphasized. This is why our services in Vaughan is optimized to provide you with reliable refrigerator services. Typical refrigerator issues that we fix include:

  • Refrigerator not coming on
  • Fridge not getting cold
  • Freezer not freezing
  • Fridge leaking water
  • Fridge overheating

Washing Machine Repair in Vaughan

Our appliance fixes in Vaughan cover the repair of all washing machine models. Whether you own a front-loading model or a top-loading model, our experts have the skills to troubleshoot your device. A faulty washer should be the least of your worries. Let our technicians fix your devices the same day. Common washer issues that we fix include:

  • Washer not spinning
  • Washer not completing spin cycle
  • Washer making banging noises
  • Washer door not closing
  • Timer error on your washer

Dryer Repair in Vaughan

Our services in Vaughan also encompass the fixing of dryers. Dryers are handy devices owned by many in Vaughan. With a working dryer, you can quickly get your wet clothes dry in no time. However, if your dryer is faulty, it becomes a bother.

Luckily for you, our technicians have the skills and technical training to troubleshoot all dryer faults. We are TSSA certified. Therefore, we can fix both electric and gas dryers. Contact us today for reliable dryer repair in Vaughan. Common dryer issues that we fix include:

  • Dryer not getting hot
  • Dryer not completing spin cycles
  • Timer error
  • Dryer door not closing
  • Dryer door not closing

Stove Repair in Vaughan

With a working stove, you can cook your favourite meals whenever you want them, all day long. Stoves are also essential devices in restaurants and other food businesses. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a reliable service available. Here at LEA Inc, you are always assured of excellent stove services. Typical stove issues that we fix include:

  • Stove not coming on
  • Stove door not closing
  • Stove not getting hot
  • Burner not working
  • Sparks coming from your stove

Microwave Repair in Vaughan

Do you own a microwave that is not just hot anymore? Perhaps, you are already thinking of how you are going to bear the expenses of a new microwave. Our fixes for your microwave in Vaughan can save you from all of that stress. We offer you reliable services that you can trust all the time. Our Vaughan appliance repair experts have the skills to troubleshoot and fix all microwave faults. Contact us today.

Microwave faults that we fix include:

  • Microwave not coming on
  • Microwave door not closing
  • Microwave making banging noises
  • Microwave getting too hot
  • Turntable not spinning

Dishwasher Repair in Vaughan

Our experienced appliance repair professionals specialize in the fixing of all types of dishwashers. Here at LEA Inc, we understand how vital a dishwasher can be. Without it, you may have no choice but to wash your dishes by hand. This is why our dishwasher services are always available to you. Contact us, and we will fix your dishwasher on the same day. Typical dishwasher issues that we fix include:

  • Dishwasher not coming on
  • Dishwasher not completing cycles
  • Dishwasher door not closing
  • Sprayer arm not working
  • Plates not dry

Our express appliance repair in Vaughan is a simple call away. Contact us for reliable fixes of all of your household devices.

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