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Appliance repair in Ajax is as accessible as it can be. If you been wondering how to get your household devices repaired stress-free, worry no more! LEA Inc is proud to be of service in providing you with the excellent repair that you deserve. LEA Inc is a team of fully-equipped technicians. Whatever your device’s maybe, we will troubleshoot and find a long-term solution the same day.

We all own one or two appliances. And surely, noone wants their devices to receive damage. But, let’s face the fact that no matter what, your devices are likely to get faulty. Continouos usage, wear and tear are a few that play part in the device’s deterioration. And when this does happen, our repair technicians got your back. We provide fast 24/7 machine repair that you can trust always.

Is your dishwasher not working well? Are you thinking of buying a new fridge. Or maybe your microwave doesn’t heat up anymore. Whatever the case may be, we assure you that our technicians have the skills and technical expertise to fix it. Our appliance repairs are conducted by expertly trained technicians. Thanks to years of experience from carrying out fixes, our technicians are surely up for the job.

We fix and service all popular name brands from Samsung, LG, Electrolux, KitchenAid, Maytag and many more.

Why Choose LEA in Ajax

Appliance repair in Ajax is only worth it when you know that professionals are on the job. We at LEA Inc put expertise and professionalism as our top core values. As professional repairmen, our technicians works fast, courteous, reliable, technically-skilled and always on-time. You can surely can count on LEA Repair Inc for the best possible service in Ajax.

You will never know when your household appliances would stop working. Most of the time, you won’t even know until you want to use them that they are already broken. Hence, the need for an appliance to work again is an utmost emergency. Worry not, our fixes in Ajax is surely ready, anytime!

We are always available 24/7. Whether it be on a freezing Monday evening or a sunny Sunday, we are ready to serve you. Our 24/7 availability comes with no hidden charges. Get a quote right after our technicians troubleshoots your device.

Our services are insured and come with a 100% guarantee.

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Appliance Repair in Ajax – Our Services

Our services in Ajax caters to a wide variety of appliances. Doing repair for two different devices would not require more than one technician.

With our repair experts’ skills and techniques, to troubleshoot a wide range of devices is an easy job. Our services include:

Refrigerator Repair

If your refrigerator is not running smoothly then you may have an emergency on your hands. Without a working fridge, you can’t preserve your food and drink items conveniently. If you own a restaurant, this can be especially bad for business.

Luckily for you, our services in Ajax covers the repairs of all types of fridges. We fix built-in fridges, walk-in models, wine coolers, deep freezers and many more. Typical fridge issues that we fix include:

  • Fridge leaking water
  • Fridge not getting cold
  • Fridge not cooling food items
  • Freezer not freezing
  • Noises coming from your fridge

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machine repair is at the top of our list of services. Our services in Ajax is optimized to provide you with quick washing machine repair when you need it.

Our technicians have the training and the skills to troubleshoot your faulty washing machine the same day you call us. Typical washing machine issues that we fix include:

  • Washing machine making banging noises
  • Device not completing cycles
  • Error on display panel
  • Washing machine making banging noises
  • Washer door not closing

Dryer Repair

Whether your dryer is an electric or gas model, our dryer repair in Ajax will repair it the same day. Our technicians are highly trained, and TSSA certified.

Therefore, you can be sure of complete professionalism and excellent repair and maintenance services. Contact us, and we will send a team of repairmen outfitted with the parts and tools needed to fix your dryer efficiently.

Common dryer repair issues that we fix include:

  • Dryer not coming on
  • Dryer not completing cycles
  • Dryer not getting hot
  • Dryer making unusual noises

Stove Repair

With your stove working smoothly, you can cook your favourite meals anytime you want. You don’t have to stress about eating out. However, stoves are like any other household device. As handy as they may be, your stove can also develop faults.

When this happens, our stove repair in Ajax is available to get your stove working again the same day.

Common stove repair issues that we fix include:

  • Stove not coming on
  • Stove not cooking food evenly
  • Burner not working
  • Wiring issues
  • Sparks coming from your stove

Microwave Repair

We fix and maintain all types of microwaves. With LEA Repair Inc, the brand of your microwave doesn’t matter. Whether your device is made by Samsung, LG, GE or Electrolux, our microwave repair technicians will get it fixed the same day.

In addition, we offer you the fastest microwave repair services in Ajax. Common microwave repair issues that we fix include:

  • Microwave not coming on
  • Microwave door not closing
  • Microwave not cooking food evenly
  • Banging noises from your microwave
  • Turntable not spinning

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers mean that you don’t have to wash plates by hand. Do you have a faulty dishwasher? Are plates piling up in your kitchen because your dishwasher is not completing spin cycles? Whatever your unique case may be, our dishwasher repair in Ajax is the solution.

Our technicians are highly skilled and have the training to fix your faulty dishwasher the same day. Common dishwasher repair issues that we fix include:

  • Dishwasher not coming on
  • Dishwasher making banging noises
  • Dishwasher not cleaning plates
  • Plates not dry
  • Error code on display panel

Appliance repair in Ajax is a call away. Our friendly customer service reps are always available to listen to you. Contact us today to repair all of your household devices the same day. Located somewhere else in the GTA? We also service areas including Pickering, Whitby, and Oshawa.

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