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Dryer Repair in Toronto: Why Is My Dryer Not Getting Hot?

There are many reasons for your dryer not getting hot. Whatever the reason is, it is a very frustrating situation when it happens. You do not want to be caught in the middle of a faulty dryer when handling your laundry. 

Not to worry, you will find the answers you need in this article. In it, we will explore all the possible reasons for you to have a cold dryer. We will also discuss “Do it Yourself” solutions to your dryer repair problems. 

If all those solutions do not work, we will show you where to find the best professional help for your dryer repair issues. Let’s get started!

Why Is My Dryer Not Hot? 

While performing your laundry activities, you may find that your dryer is not getting hot. There are many reasons why this may happen. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Your Dryer’s Circuit Breaker is Damaged

This is one of the major reasons for a dryer failing to get hot. Sometimes, it may be that one of the circuit breaker’s hot contacts is appropriately attached. The other two hot contacts may just be hanging loosely. When this occurs, the dryer will not get its full power voltage. 

It will only be able to generate 120 volts instead of 240 volts. This will cause the device not to have any hot air coming out of it. Hence, your dryer won’t heat. 

Your Dryer’s Heating Element Has Issues

One of the reasons you have a cold dryer may be due to problems with its heating element. A little explanation here. A heating element is a non-conducting wire within your dryer. 

Any damage to this component of your dryer causes it not to get hot. However, there are different types of heating elements. The variants that exist depend on the type of dryer you use. 

If you use an electric dryer, the reason for your dryer not getting hot can be the device’s low heat element resistance. Therefore, you must disconnect the wires of the heating element and check for any damages. 

If you use a gas dryer, the problem may be with your igniter. When a gas dryer’s igniter encounters a problem, it may prevent heat from flowing steadily. If this happens, you must carefully remove the igniter. Afterwards, you can then test for its resistance. 

There is an Obstruction to the Airflow

Quite frequently, one of the possible causes for your dryer not getting hot is restricted airflow. When air fails to circulate freely inside the dryer, it stops it from getting hot. This restricted airflow can be as a result of dust, grease, dirt, etc., accumulating inside the filter. If you notice this problem, you must detach the filter from the dryer and clean it properly. 

Malfunctions in the Cycling Thermostat

One of the causes of your dryer not getting hot is due to a malfunction in the appliance’s cycling thermostat. Again, you may wonder what a cycling thermostat is. Sorry about all the technicalities, it comes with the territory.

You see, it is a component of your dryer that is sensitive to changes in temperature. 

Therefore, when the thermostat becomes faulty, it gets the wrong temperature readings. Hence, it activates at the wrong time, preventing the dryer from heating up properly. You can solve the problem by checking the thermostat’s continuity.

A Clogged Lint Screen

The problem with your dryer not getting hot may be due to its lint screen being dirty. When that is the case, the airflow in the dryer will reduce. This, in turn, leads to your dryer not heating up effectively. 

A Problem with the Dryer’s Main Control Board

One of the leading causes of your dryer not getting hot can be due to a problem with one of its most important components. This critical component is the main control board, which controls all the circuits and cycles in the dryer. 

When the control board gets damaged due to charing or short-circuiting, the heat flow reduces. Sadly, if your dryer’s control board gets damaged, you must replace it. 

It May Be Your Washing Machine

Sometimes the problem may be with your washing machine and not your dryer. If your washing machine does not drain clothes properly, it will be difficult for the dryer to dry such clothes effectively. Ensure the clothes you want to dry are adequately drained of water before drying. 

How to Fix A Dryer That is Not Getting Hot

If your dryer is not getting hot, there’s no need to panic. Before thinking about buying a new dryer or contacting a dryer repair service, there are some steps you can take. 

A dryer not getting hot is a common problem with common solutions. The following are Do It Yourself fixes for common dryer problems: 

Clean the Dryer’s Vent Properly

If your dryer’s vent or air filter is blocked, you do not necessarily have to visit professional dryer repair services. Knowing that the filter is prone to accumulating dirt particles, you must clean it properly. There are procedures for cleaning your dryer’s air filter. 

First, you have to unplug the dryer. Then, remove the dryer’s cover panel. Proceed to use a pair of tweezers or a pin to remove dust particles from the filter. After doing these, plug the dryer and see if there is any difference. 

Allow Your Dryer to Cool

One of the reasons you have a cold dryer is because it has run for a long time. When your dryer is left on for a long time, it triggers an automatic shut-off. When this happens, you don’t have to panic. All you need to do is allow the dryer to cool down. 

Turn it off and leave it to cool for a while. When you do this, the dryer can get back a steady flow of air. Therefore, when you turn it back on, it will work properly. 

Check the Outlet for any Issues

Sometimes the problem with your dryer may be from the outlet. If you feel the device is okay, check to ensure the outlet has no damage. Try to reset the outlet or breaker and then plug it back in. 

Check for Heating Element Malfunctions

Heating problems are sometimes a result of malfunctions in the heating element of your dryer. If you experience such problems, do well to check the heating element component of your dryer. To do this, you need to unplug the dryer. Open the dryer’s back cover by unscrewing it. 

Then, inspect every component of the dryer. Check the heating element to be sure there is no short circuit or burn in it. If you notice anything like that, you must take it to a professional dryer repairer for fixing. 

Clean the Lint Screen

The solution to your dryer not heating up properly may be to clean your lint screen. When it gets clogged with dirt, there is a restriction of airflow that prevents your clothes from drying. 

Hence, you need to remove the excess accumulated lint by soaking the lint screen in dish soap and hot water. You can also use a soft toothbrush to clean the lint screen. 

When Your Efforts Are Not Enough

Sometimes, even after you perform some of these DIY fixes on your dryer, the problem may persist. At this point, it is not ideal to continue troubleshooting and tampering with the components of your dryer. This can lead to even more damage to the appliance. The only way to solve the issue will be to seek expert help. 

You must find a good service for your appliance repair in Toronto. The service you choose must be specialized in the repair of dryers. Also, ensure they are professionals with a track record for excellence.

On A Final Note

In this article, you have learned about some of the issues associated with your dryer not getting hot. We also discuss the possible fixes to consider. However, there are times that only a professional will be able to fix the problem. 

If you require professional repair service for your dryer, we offer specialized expertise in Toronto. LEA Inc is your one-stop for solutions to all dryer repair issues in the GTA. We will diagnose and provide you with a working solution the same day. Get your dryer hot again ASAP!