6 Dryer Maintenance Tips You Should Practice

Dryers are common home appliances. Arguably all Toronto homes have at least one dryer. If you belong to this category and you’re looking for dryer maintenance tips, then this is it. With our tips on how to maintain your dryer, we’ll explain ways to avoid unnecessary dryer issues. Also, these tips for dryer maintenance will help keep your device in excellent shape.

Most individuals have neglected their dryer, thus causing blockages over the years with clothing fibres, dust, and lint. Dryers exhibit high temperatures that get hotter when there is poor circulation of air. This overheating is enough to spark the lint, blocking the free-flow of air. However, you can easily prevent such havoc by maintaining and cleaning your dryer regularly.

Besides preventing a fire outbreak, regular dryer maintenance can help save operational and repair costs. Also, a clean dryer will function more effectively than a dirty one. It will also enable your clothes to dry faster while consuming a low level of energy.

Typically, there are several benefits to continuous dryer maintenance efforts. For starters, it won’t take that much of your time. You can easily take some minutes to carry out essential maintenance procedures daily. This will enable the device to function smoothly and reduce electricity costs.

This article will discuss the dryer maintenance tips you should know. It will also include how to maintain your dryer and where to get dryer repair services in Canada.

Important Tips for Dryer Maintenance

Maintaining your dryer adequately will help reduce wear and tear and also prevent cooling problems. Below are some dryer maintenance tips and how to make your dryer last longer.

Always Clean your Dryer Lint Filter

A lint filter is often found in every dryer. Its job is to extract most of the dirt produced by your clothes while drying. It’s also known as a lint screen or a lint trap. It’s better to remove this lint from the filter after every cycle. This way, you can ensure adequate airflow and prevent overheating.

Additionally, cleaning the lint filter will prevent overheating and help you avoid potential fire outbreaks due to overheating. Doing this will ensure your safety in the house, make your dryer last longer, and produce more effective drying.

Vacuum Every Corner of the Dryer

You can take your time to vacuum every corner of the dryer at least once every six (6) months. You can start from the lint screen area to extract all stray clusters, down to the filter, etc. Lift the dryer far from the wall to enable you to vacuum the floor and wall behind the dryer. 

Any stray dirt around such areas can act as extra kindling during a fire outbreak. Also, remove the vent hose attached to the dryer at the back and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of the hose.

Replace the filters

Most people aren’t aware that dryers have filters too. Naturally, these filters require regular replacement to function correctly. Check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to replace filters. Or you can hire professional dryer repair services near you. 

Changing the filters regularly will help maintain your dryer and also keep it in good shape. It will also keep them clean and enhance their functionality. You can always replace the dryer’s filter whenever you replace other filters at home.

Avoid Leaving Dirty Clothes in Dryer

Always avoid keeping dirty clothes in the dryer. This tip is useful to maintain your dryer’s interior and keep it clean. In the same vein, only dry wet clothes washed by the washing machine. 

Better still, you can decide to only dry clothes that have passed through the washing machine. For instance, you can choose to put your clothes through the washing machine after hanging out at the beach.

Ultimately, this will help prevent any unnecessary materials or dirt from entering the dryer. Also, watch out for extraneous substances that may cause some parts of the dryer to corrode or clog it. The best solution is to fill the dryer with freshly washed clothes only. 

Always Check the Dryer Door

One of the top tips for dryer maintenance is cleaning the dryer door properly. Keeping the dryer door dry and clean is among the best methods to enforce adequate care. It’s better to check the dryer doorway for moisture or wetness as a result of usage. 

A buildup of moisture can cause mould that may later prevent the door from shutting correctly. So, ensure to clean the gasket correctly and allow air to dry the remaining moisture in the washer.

The best way to avoid leaving your dryer wet is to clean the doorway with a dry cloth or napkin after every use. This way, you can easily use the machine, wash your clothes, dry, and clean the washer.

Clean the Coils Thoroughly

Keeping the coils clean, free of trash and debris will improve the efficiency and smooth operation of your dryer. Usually, the coils are situated around the bottom part of the dryer or at the back. As a result of their placement, you may need to remove a few grills to access them. 

Typically, the process involves the removal of some screws or lifting off a plate. If your coil’s unit is located at the back, you can easily move or roll the dryer off the wall. Furthermore, this will enable you scrub the floor beneath the dryer properly. 

A stiff brush or vacuum cleaner attachment can easily do the trick. Also, you can get special coil-cleaning tools for the work. To clean gently, run the brush or vacuum through the coils. This will help remove hidden dust and dirt around the coil.

Benefits of Dryer Maintenance

In general, the rate of dryer maintenance and cleaning is dependent on its usage. However, it’s better to inspect and clean your dryer at least once or twice a year.

Below are a few benefits of dryer maintenance and why you should clean your dryer regularly.

It reduces exposure to a fire outbreak. 

Generally, one of the top reasons to clean a dryer is limiting the possibility of a fire outbreak. This is because failure to clean dryers is the main cause of fire in many homes in Toronto today. 

To be on the safer side, ensure that all the lint screen or filter is cleaned before every use. Also, ensure to clean the dirt around the vent pipe every three months, and inspect the dryer regularly.

It saves money and energy

Typically, a blocked dryer will take longer to work. Arguably, the process will require more energy and consequently, a hike in your monthly bills.

The aggregation of dust and lint in the dryer may cause the dryer to be less effective or even stop working overtime. Also, carrying out an annual cleaning is usually inexpensive compared to dealing with a faulty dryer.


Ultimately, the above tips for dryer maintenance are things you can do easily to enhance your dryer’s durability. In case your dryer is old, these maintenance tips will help you avoid costly dryer repairs. 

Ultimately, a well-maintained dryer is expected to last up to 10 or more years. Nevertheless, home appliances sometimes tend to break down earlier than the expected lifespan. Even when you follow the dryer maintenance tips above, it is likely that your home appliances will still develop issues. When this happens, the best option is to seek out professional refrigerator repair services near you. 

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