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Dishwasher Repair: Why The Spray Arms are Not Working.

There is no doubt dishwasher has proved itself as a very essential appliance in the home. So, it is only understandable that when the appliance develops a fault, it can induce a panic state. Before you enter full-blown panic mode, we can point you in the right direction for the repair of your dishwasher spray arms. 

The spray arms are absolutely vital to the function of a dishwasher. Without them, well, your dishes cannot get clean. The spray arms are responsible for providing water for the washing of the dishes. So you see, if the spray arms of your dishwasher become defective, it can throw your kitchen schedule into chaos.

While defective spray arms should worry you, they don’t become faulty often. So, if you purchase your dishwasher from a reliable store, it’ll perform optimally for a long time. However, like in any other appliances, optimal performance cannot last forever. 

Thankfully, we have the technical know-how to help you. In this article, you will discover possible reasons as to why your dishwasher sprayer arms are not spinning. Also, we’ll give you some quick troubleshooting tips that may help you fix your dishwasher.

Why Your Spray Arms are not Working

Are you wondering why your dishwasher spray arms are not working? Are you looking to secure repair services for your dishwasher? This dishwasher repair guide can help you. 

It’s no surprise that spray arms come up frequently in dishwasher repair conversations. After all, the dishwashing process significantly depends on the spray arms. So, when the spray arms aren’t rotating freely, it affects the dishwasher’s overall function.

You’re probably already wondering what causes the spray arms to become defective. The truth is several factors can affect the spray arms of your dishwasher and you’ll discover them soon. 

Here are a couple of reasons that cause your dishwasher to need repair for its spray arms. 

Faulty or blocked pumps

The spray arms of the appliance depend entirely on the water for its rotation. This water comes from the pump, and when the pump malfunctions, it may affect the spray arms. 

Likewise, when wastes and debris block the pump, the spray arms can’t work efficiently. This is because the pump cannot produce enough water pressure to rotate the spray arms. The resultant effect is the slow movement of your spray arms. 

Before you take your dishwasher for repair, you should check both the spray arms and the pump.

Water hoses

In most dishwashers, you may not be able to see the water tubes and connections. However, the water pumps use hoses to get water from the water source. 

When any of these hoses touch the spray arms, it can obstruct or disturb its movement. Likewise, if there are any issues within these hoses, the spray arms suffer. 

So, Before you ask why your spray arms are not working, check these connections. However, except you’re very skilled with a spanner, performing such checks may be somewhat tasking. In light of this, your best option may be to employ dishwasher repair services.

Spray Tower

You may be wondering what a spray tower means. The answer is simple. The spray tower is an additional compartment on the spray arms of some dishwashers for extra cleanliness. 

When the spray arm rotates, the spray tower provides an extra wash for the dishes.

However, food debris may sometimes clog up this spray tower. When this happens, it can affect the free movement of the spray arms. So, this is another possible reason your dishwasher sprayer arms are not spinning.

Spray arms

We have successfully discussed the external causes –  let’s talk about the spray arms itself. 

When it comes to dishwasher repair, one of the first components professionals examine for fault are the spray arms. More often than not, the most common cause of fault in the spray arms is debris in its internal part.

When wastes from the dirty dishes hang on the spray arms, it hinders and slows down its rotation. Since the spray arms are visible, you can conveniently check to confirm. 

Steps to Fixing Faulty Dishwasher Spray Arms

If the spray arms of your dishwasher are faulty, it is usually better to opt for professional repair. That way, you’ll avoid unnecessary guesswork and possible further damages to your appliance. This is especially true if you need to replace your upper and lower dishwasher sprayer arms and you don’t know how to do it.

Notwithstanding, we’ll give you some quick tips on how to fix your dishwasher spray arms. However, if you don’t feel confident enough, please seek professional help. That said, here are some steps you can always follow to troubleshoot your dishwasher:

Turn off the appliance.

You want to fix the spray arms, not endanger yourself. So, like any other electrical appliance, it’s safer to switch off the dishwasher before you start. This way, you can touch any of the components of the device without fear. 

Find the cause of the problem.

The next thing to do is to find out why your dishwasher sprayer arms are not spinning. Like already mentioned earlier, there are a couple of possible causes of spray arms fault. The solution to each one differs from the other. Here are some possible quick repair tips for your dishwasher spray arms.

  • Clean the spray arms and spray tower: Dirt on the spray arms are the most common cause of spray arm faults. All you need to do is remove the lower tray and unscrew the spray arms. After that, you meticulously clean the spray arms and set it back in place.
  • Clean the pump: The location of the pump depends on the brand. Therefore, you need to first locate the pump and its filter. You can then take it out, clean it and replace it.
  • Correct connections: If the spray arms fault comes from the hoses, It’s better to go for professional dishwasher repair. That is because it’s more challenging to fix. However, you check for leakages and tighten existing connections. If that doesn’t work, you may need expert services.


Dishwasher repair for spray arms can be challenging, especially when you’re not a pro. Hopefully, we’ve helped you see the various factors that cause defective sprays. If you can, you may follow our tips for troubleshooting your dishwasher.

However, to play it safe, it is always best to employ the services of a professional. If you’re in Toronto, then you can contact LEA Appliance Services

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