7 General tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

7 General tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

Refrigerators are common home appliances, and nearly all homes in Toronto possess at least one. If you belong to this category and you’re looking for refrigerator maintenance tips, then this is it. With our tips on how to maintain your refrigerator, we’ll explain explicitly ways to avoid unnecessary refrigerator issues. Also, these tips for refrigerator maintenance will help keep your fridge in excellent shape.

You may need to rethink your maintenance approach if your refrigerator requires keeping beverages, foods and drinks daily. A fridge is one of the several home appliances that should always work. This is why it is essential to keep it in good condition. 

There are many benefits to regular refrigerator maintenance efforts. For starters, it won’t take that much of your time. You can easily take some minutes to carry out basic maintenance procedures daily. This will enable the device to function smoothly and reduce electricity costs.

Tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

Proper maintenance offers the reduction of wear and tear while preventing cooling problems. Here are a few tips for your refrigerator maintenance efforts:

7 General tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

Thoroughly clean the coils

Firstly, you may find it hard to notice the coils or touch it. However, keeping the coils clean, free of trash and debris will improve efficiency and smooth operations. Usually, the coils are situated around the bottom part of the fridge or at the back. If so, you may need to remove a few grills to access them. 

Typically, the process involves the removal of some screws or lifting off a plate. If your coil’s unit is located at the back, you can easily move or roll the fridge off the wall. Additionally, this will allow you to scrub the floor beneath the fridge. 

A stiff brush or vacuum cleaner attachment can easily do the trick. However, you can get dedicated coil-cleaning equipment for the job. To clean, gently run the brush or vacuum through the coils. This will help remove hidden dust and dirt around the coil.

While at it, be sure to scrub the condenser fan as well. Do this at least twice a year or more for better results.

Sustain the Temperature

Is your refrigerator an old model or the refrigerator isn’t cooling correctly? If yes, you can get a cheap fridge thermometer at most home and hardware stores around you.

Observe the temperature in both the fridge & freezer areas of the unit frequently. This is crucial to support the refrigerator operation effectively. Also, it is essential for food and beverage safety. 

The fridge compartment ought to be between 37-49 ℉. Also, the freezer must be preset at 0℉. If your freezer is old or not cooling anymore, you can get an inexpensive fridge.

Replace the filters

Most people aren’t aware that water dispersal and fridge ice makers have filters. Naturally, these filters require regular replacement to function correctly. Check your maker’s manual for instructions on how to replace filters.

Changing the filters regularly will help maintain your water dispenser and ice maker. Also, it will keep them clean and enhance their functionality. You can always replace the refrigerator’s filter whenever you replace other filters at home.

7 General tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

Shut the fridge doorway

The fourth on our list of tips for refrigerator maintenance is shutting the fridge door properly. Keeping the fridge door shut is among the best methods to enforce adequate maintenance. Typically, the fridge does more work in maintaining accurate temperatures whenever you refuse to shut the door. 

The best way to avoid leaving it open is to be certain about the items you want before opening the refrigerator. This way, you can easily open the fridge, get all you want at once, and immediately shut the door. Finally, ensure you shut the door firmly once you are through.

Empty the ice in the refrigerator

Basically, emptying ice will not make your refrigerator operate more effectively. However, it will help your beverage taste much better. Most times, ice sitting above the dispenser jar is often used. 

At the same time, the ice at the bottom part becomes stale after some period. You can occasionally empty the whole container and then later allow it to get filled up from the bottom part to ensure all the ice cubes are fresh.

Avoid placing hot items in your fridge 

Placing steaming, hot food in the refrigerator increases the unit’s temperature and the contents. Ultimately, this will only make it difficult for the refrigerator to maintain stability.  

Although food preservation is essential, ensure your steaming food cools down before placing them in the fridge.

7 General tips for Refrigerator Maintenance

Refrigerator Positioning.

The last on our list of tips for refrigerator maintenance is how you position your refrigerator. Ultimately, you may not be able to choose your refrigerator’s placement in the kitchen or elsewhere. 

However, if you do, place it far from a cooktop, oven, or other heat sources. When one of these heat-producing appliances is next to a refrigerator, it makes cooling a problematic job for freezers. Therefore, make sure it has ample room to guarantee adequate function.


Ultimately, the above tips for refrigerator maintenance are easy-to-do tasks which can enhance your fridge’s durability. Aside from that, it will also help you avoid unnecessary repair costs. In case your refrigerator is old, these maintenance tips will help you avoid costly refrigerator repair. 

Even when you follow the refrigerator maintenance tips above, it is likely that your device will still develop issues. When this happens, the best option is to seek out professional refrigerator repair services near you. 

Here at LEA Repair Inc, we offer same-day refrigerator repair services. With our expertise and experience, we will get your fridge working smoothly again. Get in touch with us today!