Why is My Washer Not Draining?

Why is My Washer Not Draining?

Having to ask the question “why is my washer not draining?” can be a frustrating experience. When this happens, it can be upsetting, discouraging, and awkward. Generally, a washer not draining is one of the few frequent problems your device can develop. Furthermore, there is no one correct answer to this question. You see, there are several reasons why your washer may not drain the way it should.

A washer in great condition is a useful tool for getting stains, sweat, and dirt out of your clothes. In addition, draining is crucial to the smooth operation of most washers. The primary basis of the operation is as follows: when you click “Start,” the drum gets filled with water. After completing the wash cycle, water drains out of the drum, and the first phase of spin commences. After that, water fills up the drum again to rinse the clothes with neat water. Ultimately, the washer drains one last time then spins to dry the clothes.

So you see, a seamless drain cycle is essential to getting your clothes clean and dry. This article will explain why your washer isn’t draining and how to fix a washer that won’t drain. Keep reading to learn more!

Why is My Washer Not Draining?

If your washer refuses to drain clothes, this may be due to technical problems or a trivial fault. Below are a few reasons why your washer won’t drain properly:

  • Your washer pump might be broken.
  • The drain hose may be jammed with dirt, little clothing items, debris, or other residuals.
  • A lousy belt or broken switch could be the reason as well.

Realizing your washer isn’t spinning, and your clothes are soaking wet can ruin the whole day. If you need clean clothes urgently, the best course of action may be to call for same-day washer repair in Toronto and the GTA.

On the other hand, if you have certain technical know-how, it is possible to fix a washer that is not draining with DIY tips. In the next section, we provide a guide that will put you through proven troubleshooting tips for a washer not draining.

How to Fix a Washer That isn’t Draining

A simple laundry session can change into a frustrating nightmare when there is a problem with your washing machine. However, you don’t have to allow washing machine problems to ruin your day, consider these simple troubleshooting tips for a washer not draining below:

Examine if the pump filter is clogged or dirty

The most common reason your washer isn’t draining is a jammed pump filter. Therefore, you should ensure the pump filter is cleaned when it’s blocked. As a preventive measure, you should clean the pump filter every 2 three 3 months. 

This filter is fixed to intercept foreign objects such as coins or buttons and block them from entering the hose. Typically, it is located by the base right-hand corner of your washer. 

So, to clean the filter, expose the pump filter by opening the cover. Be aware that some washer models hold a small hose behind the cover to drain out all the water in the filter. Conversely, others discharge the water while the filter is being pulled out. However, in both cases, the right approach is to place some towels or a bowl beneath the filter.

If there is a hose, remove it, and unplug the washer, then wait for the water to run out. If not, pull the filter out by turning it anti-clockwise. Extract all foreign objects, hair, or specks of dirt from the filter. Then, rinse it thoroughly before reinstalling it. 

Examine the hose to see if it’s clogged or bent

The hose connecting your washer and the drain must not be clogged or bent. Examine the hose, then straighten or unclog it as necessary. If not, water might not drain completely from the drum.

Ensure wastewater isn’t returning into the drum

If there are no issues with the hose or filter, another possible option is to check the wastewater route. Make sure the wastewater from the washer is not returning to the drum. To avoid this kind of issue, ensure the drain hose is attached to the waste outlet at about 35cm distance and around 90cm above the surface.


If the steps above don’t work and you’re not sure what part is broken or faulty, then your washer might have more technical issues. If you’re in Toronto or its environs, the best option is to contact a professional washer repair service around you. This will give you confidence in having your washer fixed adequately within a short period. With the help of professional washer repair services, you don’t have to bother about why your washer isn’t draining.

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