Cost of Dryer Repair in Toronto

What is The Cost of Dryer Repair in Toronto?

The cost of dryer repair in Toronto depends mainly on the fault that is being addressed. Generally, dryer repair is an inexpensive option compared to buying a new dryer device. You don’t have to panic because your dryer is not working effectively. An appliance repair service in Toronto can get your dryer working again — at a price.

For every dryer component repair in Toronto, there is a fee attached to it. The cost of repairing a faulty motor is different from the cost of fixing a faulty display panel. Additionally, there are other factors that can influence the price of top-notch dryer repair in Toronto.

Are you wondering how much it will cost to repair your dryer? Perhaps you own an appliance that is not coming on even though it is plugged in. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about dryer repair prices in Toronto.

Cost of Dryer Repair in Toronto

The average price of repairing dryers in Toronto is around $100 to $400. Generally, this cost covers most drum issues such as clogged vents, a broken belt, or a faulty thermostat. 

If you’re not sure whether or not a repair is necessary, then refer to the home appliance 50% rule. This rule means that you shouldn’t spend more than 50% of the cost of replacing an appliance. In other words, if your technician quotes you $800 to replace a faulty motor in your dryer, then it might not be worth it. By considering the average cost of a new dryer, which ranges from $800 to $1200, then getting a new one is better.

Luckily for you, getting appliance repair for your faulty dryer is still one of the best options for appliance owners in Toronto. Only in rare cases will you have to spend over $400 fixing a faulty dryer. Dryer repair issues are relatively easy to fix. Most of the time, a competent dryer repair technician can determine the problem and fix it for an average cost ranging from $250 to $400. 

Nevertheless, this cost depends on the faulty components that need to be repaired or replaced. Also, you should always expect a diagnostic fee, which can cost around $30 to $80, depending on what kind of dryer you own. In the next section, we will focus on the factors that will determine how much you have to pay for dryer repair.

Factors That Impact The Cost of Dryer Repair in Toronto

Several factors can influence the cost of dryer repair in Toronto. Some of these factors often make the cost of dryer repair more expensive. Here are a few factors that can affect dryer repair prices in Toronto: 

The Dryer Type 

While buying a new dryer, ensure you’re aware of the merits offered by both gas and electric dryer. An excellent way to determine which is best is to consider the difference in repairs and costs. Electric dryers tend to have a breakage rate of 7% to 15% by the sixth year of usage, while gas dryers have a slightly higher breakage rate of 8% to 22% by the sixth year. 

Also, electric dryers dry clothes using heating coils, which require more energy to run but fewer maintenance costs. The heating belts, fuses, and components break less often and are relatively inexpensive to fix. 

The Dryer Brand

Usually, homeowners purchase both dryer and washing machines together, so it’s ideal to consider the long-term repair costs for both appliances.  Most importantly, it is vital to know that the cost of dryer repair for high-end brands is more expensive. For one, buying replacement parts is an expensive endeavour in itself. Additionally, finding the exact replacement for high-end brands can be difficult. This can drive up the cost of dryer repair in Toronto.


In conclusion, the general cost of dryer repair in Toronto ranges from $100 to $400. While most people will opine that dryer repairs will run you a minimum of $150, it is essential to consider other factors that may influence dryer repair prices in Toronto. 

If your dryer is somewhat new and you’re comfortable paying for a replacement or two, then you can spend about $400 on average. However, be aware that the cost of dryer repair can vary significantly due to several factors like the brand, the type, the faulty components, and others.

Generally, a well-maintained dryer has an extended lifespan of about nine 9 to 11 years, depending on the level of maintenance received. However, home appliances tend to develop faults even earlier than the expected lifespan due to a few reasons such as electrical and mechanical faults. 

When this happens, call in a dryer repair expert immediately. Do you need first-class dryer repair services in Toronto? Contact us immediately!

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