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Why Is My Samsung Dishwasher Displaying The FE Error?

There are several errors that can appear on digital displays on most newer Samsung dishwasher models. The error codes are from a computer inside the dishwasher that alerts you to an issue that needs attention. The error codes indicate a possible issue with the dishwasher similar to the way that the dashboard on your car has lights that blink or come up, to warn you of a problem. These error codes are designed to help you better diagnose an issue and what you should do next in relation to repairing your dishwasher. In many instances, it should be easy to determine the code, which may involve something simple such as putting a component back in its correct place or resetting something. However, in some cases, the error could be an indication of a fault or a jammed or clogged part.

What Is The Samsung FE Error Code?

There are different types of error codes that indicate different problems with dishwashers. The E1 error code may indicate that the unit is leaking, which is often caused by detergent that overflows into the dishwasher’s base. The CE code usually indicates an issue with the wiring harness or the motor. But what happens when your dishwasher displays the FE error code?

The “FE” stands for “filled error” or a water overflow issue. This usually means that the dishwasher fills with water continuously and that your drain pump is also constantly running. This happens when the inlet valve is no longer stopping water from flowing into the washer’s tub, which causes your drain pump to run constantly to stop the dishwasher from overflowing.

Before you call out a local dishwasher repair company, here is a list of the most common issues that cause your dishwasher to display the FE error.

Guide On How To Fix The FE Error Code

If your dishwasher is displaying the FE error code, here are the steps to follow to repair your washer:

– Turn the dishwasher off
– Make sure the circuit breaker that connects to your dishwasher is also turned off
– Wait for at least 10 seconds
– Flip the switch on your circuit breaker back on
– Turn your dishwasher on and start a cycle

Once you have completed the above steps, check on the inlet valve to make sure it is shutting the supply of water off at the correct time. The inlet valve should stop the supply of water once the dishwasher has enough water (at a specified level). The inlet valve is connected to your water supply hose. If the inlet valve is not closing, water will carry on flowing into the machine. This will cause your drum pump to activate before the dishwasher tub has reached the maximum capacity so that it doesn’t overflow.

Clogged Water Inlet Valves

If the water inlet valve is not closing at the right time and it has caused the drum pump to run constantly, the valves might be clogged with grime or dirt. Remove the water hose that connects to your inlet valve to inspect this part for an obstruction. If there is debris clogging the hose, clean the inlet valve out. From here it should carry on working properly.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve

If you have completed all the steps mentioned above and your inlet valve still won’t close at the right time, the valve may be broken or faulty. If it is faulty or broken, it will need to be removed and replaced.

If you are not sure whether you can replace the water inlet valve after completing the steps mentioned above and your dishwasher is still displaying the FE error code, we suggest calling an expert dishwasher repair company.

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