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Reliable Inglis Appliance Repair in Toronto & the GTA

Inglis is one of the Canadian companies that has been in the business of producing high-quality appliances for many years. In the late part of the 80s, Whirlpool bought out the company, but the name only changed in 2001. These premium-quality appliances are in many homes across Canada, and similar to any type of household appliance, they require maintenance and repairs every now and again. If your Inglis dishwasher, range, washer, or dryer requires repairs, make sure to contact professional and reliable technicians. The team at Lea Appliance Repair has extensive experience when it comes to how appliances work. We provide same-day, speedy service and we arrive with all the right parts and tools to complete your repair on the spot. Call us on (866) 860-8666, to schedule your Inglis repair. Our services are available 24/7 and we cover the Greater Toronto Area.

Why Contact Lea Appliance Repair For Your Inglis Appliances?

When your appliance breaks down or malfunctions, it is understandable that it can disrupt your day. If your refrigerator has stopped working, you may be worried about all that food going to waste, or maybe your washer has started leaking and you are left with a massive mess to clean up. All appliances serve a special purpose, and you want to make sure you provide them with a reliable and reputable service. Here at Lea Appliance Repair, we offer professional and speedy Inglis appliance repairs across the GTA. We know that appliances often break down without any warnings and that is why we provide 24/7, same-day repair services. Our team always comes prepared with the right parts, equipment, and tools, to make sure your appliance is fixed on the spot.

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Inglis Fridge Repair

There are many models of Inglis refrigerators, and regardless of the model or make, fridges are known for breaking down. Faulty motors, thermostat problems, and leaks are just a few of the common problems. When one or more of these faults occur, you could risk losing the food in your fridge if the appliance is not repaired immediately. Contact Lea Appliance Repair for speedy, same-day Inglis fridge repairs. Our technicians will arrive with the necessary tools and parts to get your fridge up and running in no time.

Inglis Range Repair

Your range is essential when it comes to cooking regardless of whether you prefer to prepare meals in the oven or the stovetop. Problems with ranges usually include either the oven part or the stove part, and in some cases both. Regardless of the issue or fault, we recommend only using professional and experienced technicians for your Inglis stove repair. At Lea Appliance Repair, the work that is carried out is always backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Inglis Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are convenient appliances that help you to save time while sanitizing your dishes. If your dishwasher is no longer turning on, or your dishes are coming out dirty, we understand how frustrating this can be. Our Inglis 24/7 dishwasher repair service, will mean you won’t have to worry about hand washing your dishes. Contact us today for same-day, fast repairs, by an expert team of professional technicians.

Inglis Washer Repair

If you have gone without your washer before, you are well aware that this machine makes life much easier for you. If your washer has sprung a leak, is no longer turning on, or making strange noises, make sure you address this problem as soon as you can. Avoid using your washer when you have noticed an issue since you might make the problem even worse. Rather, contact Lea Appliance Repair for experienced assistance and fast repairs.

Inglis Dryer Repair

Similar to washers, dryers can help you to save time when wading through all that laundry. Rather than waiting for an entire day or more for clothes to dry, a dryer helps to speed these processes up. Common issues with dryers include motor faults, and temperature control problems. Regardless of the make or model, Lea Appliance Repair is the right company to call to get your Inglis dryer repaired in no time.

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