How to Fix a Washer That Won’t Spin

A washer is a popular household appliance in Canada. However, like any other device, sometimes, you may end up needing appliance repair services. If you have a washer that won’t spin, then this article is for you. 

There are many reasons a washer won’t spin properly. Sometimes, it may be a simple connection issue. Perhaps your washer isn’t balanced. Other times, a critical component may be faulty. In this article, we will discuss the reasons your washer isn’t spinning together with quick appliance repair fixes. 

However, remember that a washer is a complicated household appliance. If handled poorly, you risk causing damages that may be expensive to fix. If you don’t want to incur costly damages, you should just call an appliance repair expert near you. Let’s get into these washer repair tips.

Washer Repair: Washer Not Agitating

If your washer fills up with water but doesn’t agitate, the problem may be the lid switch. Sometimes, the issue may be caused by a faulty motor or a damaged fan belt. 

To diagnose the cause of this fault, start by checking the washer’s spin cycle. If the cycle works, then it means the motor is in great condition. Additionally, it also means the belt is not broken. However, if the spin cycle doesn’t work, you may be dealing with a loose belt. Simply, tighten the belt or replace it.

A faulty lid switch can leave you needing professional washer repair. To see if this is the case, inspect the tab on the lid switch. If this plastic tab is broken, your washer won’t agitate. Also, you can check by pressing the switch. If it doesn’t click, it’s definitely faulty. You may have to call an appliance repair professional in Toronto to remove and replace it.

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Washing Machine Not Spinning or Draining

It’s one thing to wonder why your washing machine is not spinning. If at the same time your washer isn’t draining, then you’ve got a big issue on your hands. For starters, most washers won’t start a new cycle if the water isn’t fully drained. Therefore, the cause of this problem is in the form of a blockage in the drainage process. 

Most times, this blockage is usually in the filter. If you own a front-loading system, the filter is located behind a flap at the bottom of the machine. Simply pull it out. When you do this, any water in the washer should follow.

The next washer repair tip to deal with this problem is to clean out small items that may be clogging up the filter. Make sure to thoroughly rinse it using warm water. However, if the filter isn’t clogged, the problem may be in the sump hose or the pump. If this is why your washer won’t spin, you may have to call in an appliance repair expert near you.

Washer Repair: Washer Not Spinning

If the above scenarios don’t apply to your washer, then you may be facing a plethora of mechanical or positional problems. Don’t worry, we’ve got the washer repair tips to help you. In this section, we will show you why your washer isn’t working and the tips that can help you.

Machine too full

Most people put off their laundry until the last minute. As a result, they are left with a huge load of laundry that they try to cram into the washer at once. If this you, your washer won’t spin. 

Fortunately, the washer repair tip to fix this problem is a simple one. Simply take out clothes from the washer until it starts to spin smoothly. For future purposes, take note to avoid overstuffing your washer with laundry.

Unbalanced load

Sometimes, an unbalance in the contents of your washer may be the reason it isn’t spinning. Yes, there can be an imbalance in your washer. Typically, this happens when you try to wash heavy items like a bedspread together with smaller clothes.

In the end, they may clump into a ball, causing an imbalance that stops the spin cycle of your washer. To fix this problem, simply rearrange the clothes in a more balanced manner. Your washer should spin smoothly after this.

Unbalanced device 

Sometimes, the position of your washer may cause problems with the spin cycle. For the best results, your washer needs to be placed on a flat surface to function properly. If your washer is making loud noises and vibrations, check that it is placed properly. This is a simple appliance repair tip that most people ignore.

Faulty lid switch

A faulty lid switch is typically a top-loading machine issue. Lid switches are designed to signal to the washer whether or not the lid is properly closed. If the lid isn’t closed, the device won’t spin.

A washer repair tip that works is to check the underside of your lid. If the lid switch is out of shape, try bending it back into place. If this doesn’t work, you may have to buy a new lid switch. 

Faulty motor

The drive motor is an important component responsible for the spinning of your washer. If you find yourself need washer repair since your device won’t spin, the motor may be the guilty party. If this is the case, you may have to call in a professional washer repair technician. Replacing a burned-out motor is a complicated job especially if you don’t have the technical skills for it.

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To Sum It Up

Your washer may not be spinning due to any of the reasons outlined above. However, the good news is that the washer repair tips above can help you.

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