How Much Is The Cost of Microwave Repair In Toronto?

How Much Is The Cost of Microwave Repair In Toronto?

The cost of microwave repair in Toronto is an important concept many homeowners have to know. The reason for this is simple. Microwaves are pretty efficient devices. In fact, over 80% of homes in Toronto use a microwave to handle cooking and reheating of food on a daily basis. However, just like any other device, your microwave can break down. When this happens, appliance repair in Toronto becomes necessary.

A broken appliance can cause some level of panic. Imagine trying to reheat leftover food after a hard day and you find that your microwave is not coming on. This can be a pretty stressful situation. 

Thankfully, an appliance repair service in Toronto can fix your microwave the same day – at a cost. This is where the cost of microwave repair in the GTA comes in.  In this article, we will discuss microwave repair prices. In addition, we will also explain the factors that combine to determine these prices. 

The Cost of Microwave Repair

The cost of microwave repair in Toronto can range anywhere from $20 to $500. A lot of things can go wrong with a microwave making it unable to cook your food properly. Blown fuses, defective door switches and faulty transmitters are some of the common microwave faults. The sheer number of components that can cause your microwave to break down is the reason why the cost of microwave repair is not an exact figure.

Although microwave repair prices in Toronto vary, the exact amount you will have to pay isn’t pulled out of thin air. In fact, microwave repair costs are a function of different factors. They include:


There are different microwave brands out there. Additionally, each brand occupies different positions on the luxury spectrum. Some brands are high-end while others are designed to accommodate tight budgets.

The type of microwave brand that you use can determine the price of its repair. Typically, the more high-end your appliance is, the more it will cost to repair it. This is because the cost of buying replacement parts for a microwave increases depending on how high-end the brand is. For example, Thermador and Viking microwaves can cost as much as $500 to repair. On the other hand, microwaves from LG and Hotpoint cost about $150 to repair.

Intensity of faults

Depending on the type of fault your microwave has, its repair costs can increase substantially. A simple wiring problem is easy and cheaper to repair. A blown fuse or a disconnected wire may cost only $20 to repair.

On the other hand, mechanical faults are harder to repair and take more time. Sometimes, the technician may have to take your microwave apart and put it back together. If this is the case, you can expect the cost of appliance repair for your microwave to go up.

Professional service rates

In Toronto, the cost of microwave repair is hugely influenced by the service provider. The rates you have to pay for professional microwave repair differs from region to region. Therefore, depending on your location, and the appliance repair service, you may pay more/less for microwave repair. 

On average, most appliance repair services in Toronto charge around $70 per hour for microwave repair. However, depending on the experience, training and skills of the technician, this number may increase. Despite this fact, it is important that you don’t skimp out on paying for excellent services. Service rates that are extremely low may result in shoddy microwave repair services.

How far you live from the technician

The distance from your home to the technician’s location is an important factor that determines the cost of microwave repair. Since appliance repair in Toronto is done the same day, technicians will drive out to meet you at home.

Most appliance repair services factor the travel distance into the cost of microwave repair in Toronto. Therefore, if you live in an area with heavy traffic, you may have to pay more for appliance repair. Depending on the service provider, you may pay a flat rate or a fee that is calculated based on the number of miles travelled.

Common Microwave Problems and The cost of Fixing them

Below are some of the most common issues that may cause a need for appliance repair in Toronto.

Sparks from your microwave

This is usually caused by faulty rack support or a burnt-out diode. It costs about $20 to $100 to fix.

Loud humming and banging noises

The guilty component is usually the cooling fan, diode, roller guide or magnetron. Repair costs can range from $30 to $200 in unique cases.

Microwave not running

It may be caused by a broken transformer or a faulty door switch. You can expect to spend up to $150 on repairs.

Buttons not working

A faulty touchpad and control panel can cause the buttons on your microwave to stop working. Repairing this fault can cost between $50 to $150.


The cost of microwave repair in Toronto is not as expensive as most people. In most cases, it is a far better option than buying a new microwave.

Is your microwave not coming on? Perhaps you are worried about the loud banging noises coming from your microwave. Contact us today for reliable microwave repair in Toronto!

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