You will be surprised to see that microwave ovens in Toronto are countertop models that can’t fit inside cabinets. For heat discharge, they often have vents at the top and sides. There are several considerations when placing them in your kitchen. The distance from the wall is one of these considerations. Keep the wall at a distance sufficient to allow heat to escape. Be sure to read the instructions for use and placement. Learn more here.



Regular cleaning is essential for your microwave oven to work at its best. Regular cleaning is important because food particles and splatters can build up in the oven’s interior, causing it to use more microwave energy. It will reduce efficiency and cause you to run it again. It is possible for germs to grow and make them unhygienic. It is important to clean your microwave oven regularly and thoroughly. LEA Appliance Repair is the most trusted company in Toronto. Visit our website for more information. Learn more about Are you searching for Stove repair near me in Toronto?


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